We have a nice selection of Herbs all year round.  Basils, mints, rosemary, sages, patchouli, lemon verbena, eucalyptus, cilantro, oregano, etc.  Call if there is an herb you are looking for. 

We found columnar basil to withstand the cold and limited daylight hours this December.  We still have a few plants left on the shelf.  Thyme, sage, chives, parsley, and mints are still looking good.  We have Sweet Bay, a nice choice to grow indoors all through the winter.  Take it home now, give it one pinch and let it branch.  There is nothing nicer than fresh bay when cooking!

We will have plenty of curry this year.  Last year it was limited so we have been taking a lot of cuttings.  Our herb selection continues to grow.  We should be transplanting late January and early February and Basil seeds start mid February.  Herbs are a great way to start the season off a little early if the winter blues have settled in.  OR...just come in and walk the aisles.  We have paper and pencil if you need to make a wish list!

Bensell's Spring Herbs